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Vince de V focuses on young people in primary and secondary school who like to wear something different than someone else. They are tough, love a joke and are our future, which is also why Vince de V uses organic or recycled materials with durable prints. This is how we contribute to future-oriented clothing!
I 🖤 BIRDS loves birds (what’s in a name)! In the garden, like the blackbird and the blue tit. In the park, like the collared dove and the long-tailed tit. And birds you see when traveling, like the toucan, quetzal and griffon vulture. And how much fun to spot a fellow bird lover?! Show you love birds by wearing an I 🖤 BIRDS organic shirt! The designs are colorful and made after existing birds. Choose your own favorite from our collection!
Cis Slits, designer and founder of dePogo, has been working as a graphic and (multi)media designer for years. He is always doodling at work and at home. These doodles sometimes lead to beautiful designs. The step to put these designs on t-shirts was made in 2022. Slits’ designs are straight to the point: less is more, with the art of omission.
The prints of Future Gear 22 are designed by young adults with a distance to the labor market, at work experience place Future ICT & Design in Brainport Eindhoven. They follow their own path, matching their possibilities and needs. The participants work for real customers and learn, among other things, graphic design, web design and building & maintaining computers.
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